The Right Toys for Puppies!

Especially in the early days, there is nothing more important for puppies than playing to their heart's content, alone, with other dogs, or with their human. Playing together with your puppy at eye level offers the opportunity to get to know each other and strengthens the bond between dog and owner. It also provides an opportunity to train future behavior through play.

Individual play habits also depend on the breed. For example, a retriever initially trained to retrieve will be more careful with a toy than a terrier whose natural behavior is to chase on its own. It is essential to consider these considerations when selecting an appropriate toy.

In general, it can be said that puppy toys should be sturdy but not too hard. Particularly suitable materials are TPR and natural rubber, but also cotton ropes. You do not necessarily need a squeaker. For most puppies, these sounds are still far too exciting. Ensure the toy is big enough so the puppy can't swallow it.

A soft stuffed animal can also be a suitable playmate if the puppy likes to cuddle. However, always keep an eye on your pet. As soon as your pet begins to destroy the toy, set it aside and offer a chew bone instead. At the end of playtime, it's time to clean up. This will keep the toy memorable and exciting for longer.