Sustainability is an Important Issue for Us!

For TRIXIE, sustainability stands for a long-term business orientation in relation to an honest responsibility towards humans, animals and our environment.

After founding several project groups, we employed a sustainability manager in 2022 in order to get a targeted definition for all questions of sustainability and to direct and advance this issue. Our core objective is to develop a climate strategy to lower or completely avoid CO2 emissions.

We aim to become more aware where transport is concerned in particular. However, not only do we aim to develop new solutions together with our service partners. In addition to that, co-operations with customers or competitors are intended to help us reconsider processes and optimise them.       

We have a lot of plans and intend to work on them with awareness, responsibility and transparency, aiming to set an example for others with our economic, ecological and social conduct. With a view to that aim, we have defined twelve fields of activity and initiated various projects.