On tour by bike

Activity and variety are extremely important for dogs to keep them physically and mentally fit. Many dogs enjoy running alongside a bike. However, to make the tour a fun event for everyone, there are a few things to keep in mind.

How to get started

Before the first tour, the dog should be slowly accustomed to the new situation. It is best to push the bike alongside the dog at first and test this on a short distance away from busy roads. Only when owner and dog have practiced sufficiently should they venture out into traffic.
Special leashes and holders make it easier to lead the dog and provide greater safety.

Bike ride with puppies and young dogs

With puppies and young dogs you have to reckon with the fact that they can not yet estimate their strength. Since the load on bones and joints is quite high, only adult dogs should run next to the bike. Small dogs are fully grown at the age of 12 months, large breeds continue to grow until the age of 24 months. In addition, dogs cannot regulate their body temperature as well as we humans can. Frequent breaks and enough water to drink are a must. Using bike trailers gives them a good place to rest on longer rides. 

Bicycle Dog Trailer

Bicycle tours are great outdoor fun for humans and their four-legged friends. However, for the dog such a tour can quickly become too exhausting. Inside the dog trailer, the dog can rest and take a break after a long ride. Especially for older, young or sick dogs, bike trailers are a great transport solution. In case of rain, a waterproof cover protects the dog from getting wet. At the same time, lateral mesh inserts provide sufficient fresh air. 

But before your first tour the dog should be slowly accustomed to the new means of transport: First, the dog can be slowly accustomed to the trailer while standing, then the trailer is slowly pushed, and finally you ride the bike. Initially, do this only as long as the dog remains calm in the trailer. The first break should be after a maximum of 2 minutes. You can increase the duration of the ride step by step.

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