Using a Cat Litter Box

Using a cat litter box is normally quite simple for a cat. A few rules make it easier especially for small kittens to use the litter box regularly:

If possible one litter box more than there are cats in the household.

Cats want to feel safe and undisturbed while using the litter box. Ideal is a quiet place far removed from the feeding place and easy to reach and accessible at any time.

Size and accessories
In general, it can be said: the bigger, the more comfortable. A rim prevents litter being carried out to the surroundings. A dome keeps the smell inside the litter box, but this can lead to rejection by sensitive cats. In that case, a litter box with filter can help. For litter boxes with dome, the size should be chosen to allow the cat to hold her head freely when she squats so she can keep an eye on her surroundings.

Cats are very clean animals and do not like dirty litter boxes. Therefore, any used litter should be removed once or twice a day. Depending on the type of litter and the frequency of use, the entire litter needs to be changed completely once a week to once a month, and the litter box needs to be cleaned with a mild detergent.

Do not scold your cat if there should be a little mishap. Punishment produces stress, and this can lead to even more uncleanliness. Place your cat in the litter box after meals and observe signs like sniffing, scratching and squatting. Praise and reward after successful use of the litter box enhance the learning effect.

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